Why do I need Title Insurance?

See and hear real life stories as to how title insurance can protect you! Click on the link below. Title insurance is exactly that -- an insurance policy to protect you against loss should the condition of title be other than as insured. When you buy a home you want to be certain that the title to land is clear. Even the most diligent search of public records could fail to disclose a number of title defects (potential title defects include but are not limited to forged deeds, fraud, missing grantors). You can find out how much an owner's policy will cost you here:

Why do I need a survey?

Want to save some money and not have a house location survey conducted for your purchase? You most certainly can avoid the cost of the survey but at what cost? See the attached link to identify what can happen if you don't know where your property lines begin and end.

Do I need a Standard or Enhanced Title Insurance Policy?

Whether and what type of policy to obtain is entirely the decision of the home buyer. While a standard policy does suffice, an enhanced policy covers a number of post-policy issues that a standard policy does not, such as forgery, permit violations and living trusts. For a simple comparison chart of the additional coverages an enhanced policy provides, please email us at An enhanced policy will cost about 20% more than a standard policy but does provide the most coverage available. For a detailed description of some of the benefits of an enhanced policy, please email us at

ALTA Best Practices

Hollman & Flynn Title, LLC has been screened and vetted by Secure Settlements, a third party vendor risk entity -- We have also adopted the American Land Title Association Best Practices --